Saturday, August 05, 2006

How To Create A Wubbzy Song...Step 2: Music, Singing & Recording

Introducing...Mr. b. Mossman. That's me! Do you like my whiskers?
I've done alot of song writing, music composition and singing for bands, cartoons, films, games and commercials. I wrote many of the songs sung by the talented kids doing the character voices for the Disney Channel's, Higglytown Heroes., usually, if I'm lucky, as soon as I read Bob's lyrics, especially what he wants for the chorus, I start to hear the melody in my head and I strum the guitar or ukulele, or tap the keyboard to begin supporting this melody with chords and other lead instrumental lines. I like to stand up and move/dance around with the guitar to get my whole self into the process and help me find some music!

This doesn't mean that my first thoughts on the song will be anything at all like the final that appears on the show. This is just the first sketch. I rely on Bob's feedback and direction to drive the creation of the song. Sometimes, when lucky, I'll hit a bull's eye and he'll like the first sketch. But mostly I just send him sketch after sketch until he's pleased and approves it to go toward final production. This "final" version then must also be approved by the Nickelodeon network as well before we can really finish up.

So I play through this first sketch over and over and over...and over....and over again....and over.....until I feel like there's a satisfactory and comfortable link between the lyrics and the music that I've written. Then....maybe.... it's time to press the "Record" button to begin laying down the first sketch!

(For the gear geeks out there who might be interested in the set up of my home studio...I use a Mac Pro and record audio with MOTU Digital Performer. I link to trigger Reason,
Spectrasonics and EZdrummer to generate drums and some synths)

Here's some photos of this process in the studio:

When Bob finally approves a version of the basic song that he likes. I can then start making it sound "pretty"! I might re-record some instruments so they sound "better" (this might result in Bob saying, "I like the way it sounded before"... Oops!), add more vocal harmonies to my lead vocal and record some fun sounds to add a little spice. Just like in these photos!

Bob will let me know if he likes all the "bells and whistles" I've added or not until we get to
a version that's ready to be mixed.


roque said...

Brad, man, you are the shiz!! I was totally stoked to learn that you were working on this show. You're a perfect fit.


Amy J. said...

I've got two kids, and Wubbzy is the current favorite show at our house. I sing the theme song in the car. I was just thinking this morning about how great the songs are.

The kids like to go downstairs to mess around with dad's music equipment. I'll be sure to show them these pics of you at work.

You're great! Thanks!

Kat said...

:) I love your songs. And so do my kids. I just finished hearing.. "Don't Lie"

Kerry's Pregnancy Blog said...

I ended up on this website because I was trying to find out if there was a Wubzy CD available. I absolutely dig the music and sing it to my patients in the hospital in the morning. They think I am crazy and I probably am, but they enjoy it none-the-less. Thank you for great, semi-punk, sounding positive songs! My absolute favorite is "doesn't have to be by the book".

Pundsey said...
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jenmoi said...

It's finally nice to have a face to match the voice to. My kids watch and love the show, thanx:)

Lana said...

I need these songs for my son he is soo into wubbzy and i love singing with him! YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT A CD.. I cant find this music!!

Anonymous said...

My 2 and 4 year old sons love WWW. Tonight listening to the show, I just knew that music. I waited for credits and there it was!!! HARM FARM!! I was married to Steve from the Movie Stars in the early 90's. I love HARM FARM, esp your songs. How happy it made me to recognize you and your music. Thanks for making our world full of your wonderful music!!