Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Theme Song..."Wow-Wow-Wubbzy...Wubbzy-Wubbzy-Wow-Wow!"

This is as good of a place to start as any! The opening Theme Song!

Bob wrote the lyrics and asked a few composers to put some
music to his words. Here's what we came up with:

This is also the end theme music (at the end of this clip). Bob did an excellent edit by just removing the vocals. The music sounds really nice on it's own as the end credits flash by on screen.  

And even without the singing, it's still really excellent to dance to! See for yourself:

This instrumental version is available for your cell phone's ringtone here!

And now let's enjoy the magical effects of the opening song on one happy fan!

And on TWO happy fans!

AND on THREE happy fans!


OneProudMomma said...


my four children absolutely adore Wubbzy, but the theme tune is the source of an argument amongst them because they can't quite catch some of the lyrics!

The problem is the section about Widget liking to build. They agree on "she hammers and she saws" but 2 of them think that "her tool box is filled" and the third thinks "with her toolbox of skills". The fourth child is only 2 sits mesmerised when the show starts, but no doubt she'll form an opinion when she's older!

You seem like the best person to ask and please stop this twice daily argument!

Kindest Regards,

Klogz said...

All Wubbzy Song Lyrics are posted. There's a link on the upper right column on this blog "Lyrics To Wubbzy Songs!"

But to answer your question to stop the feuding and bring peace to your household once again..The line is "....her tool box is filled". Thanks for writing!

Lisa said...

please, Please, PLEASE release a CD of the songs!!! My son and I LOVE to sing the songs, but we don't know all of them by heart, so we end up singing the same ones over and over again!!