Thursday, December 17, 2009

All Seasons 1 and 2 Songs Posted!

We've updated the Wubbzy Song Videos page. All seasons 1 and 2 songs are up for viewing (and listening)! Click here!

If you keep scrolling down there's some other fun clips as well, such as all (20!) Wubb Club, Jukebox Robot intros, some different versions of songs and a short documentary on the making of Wubbzy.

You can always get to the videos page link just to the right on this main page, along with the song lyrics page and the international songs page.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Wubbzysongs Composers on NPR!

NPR (National Public Radio) put forth a fun challenge to "Create A Song In A Weekend" for songwriters who wished to compose, record and submit a song within 48 hours. They posted all of the over 150 entries on their website. Bob penned lyrics to a song called "NPR" and Brad composed and recorded it.

NPR played their "NPR" song on the air during the Weekend Edition Saturday show and Scott Simon chatted with Brad about the tune and composing with Bob. You can hear the November 21, 2009 interview here!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks Lou!

Amazing songwriter/performer Lou Barlow has been a fine friend to the Wubbzy songs! As fans of his solo works and his bands over the years (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion), we were so glad when he contacted us to say "hi."

Check out his kind words in the latest issue of Magnet Magazine about how he and his daughter are enjoying the Wubbzy songs. (Click here!)

And be sure to buy his latest, excellent CD/downloads "Goodnight Unknown." It's on iTunes as well. Here's a video from the new CD (click here).

There's a great film of the making of this new CD here!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wubbzy Songs On Facebook, Twitter & My Space!

We're now on some other sweet sites!!!
You can join up with Wubbzy Songs pages by clicking here on Facebook, Twitter and My Space. 10 songs from seasons 1 and 2 are currently blasting away on the My Space player if your computer has good (or bad!) speakers!

We'll still be home with the latest and greatest here on this blog but it will be excellent to spread the Wubbzy songs with videos, news, links, topics and chats about them on these other pages as well. So....See YOU there!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Singing Fans!!!

How great it is when we find videos posted of fans singing their favorite Wubbzy songs.

We're always on the lookout so keep 'em coming!

Always remember, no one else can sing it like you and therefore...YOU'RE A STAR!!!

Here's a few samples of some kickin' crooners!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wubbzy Songs International!!!

The Wubbzy songs are popping up all over the world! You can hear familiar melodies in different languages any time. The link to all the international versions we find is on the right column of this blog page. You can also click here!

Here's a few samples:

Wubbzy Theme: Spanish

Don't Lie: Portuguese

Ya Gotta Be Free: Hebrew

You're A Star: German

Kooky: French

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyonce's Version Of "Sing A Song" Now Available For Download On iTunes!!!

Beyonce's version of Sing A Song is now available on iTunes for download!
The song is .99 cents. The song and video together is $1.49.
Once you're on iTunes, just search "Beyonce as Shine & Wubb Girlz" and you'll get to the downloads. It's listed under "Children's Music."

We'll post any other sites offering it for download as well.

This is the first official download of any Wubbzy song. Hooray!

Stay tuned for some good news on the way regarding CD releases (and more downloads) of the songs later this year! Yup!

Beyonce "Sing(s) A Song"!!!

Here! Here! (and Hear! Hear!) Read all about it!
Beyonce sings a Wubbzy Song! (click on the article to actually read it!)

The song, "Sing A Song" will be featured in the "Wubb Idol" movie airing on TV April 27th to May 3rd and then to be released on DVD later this year. Beyonce also performs the voice for the character "Shine" who, along with "Sparkle" and "Shimmer," is a member of the all women group "The Wubb Girlz."

And now for your viewing and listening pleasure is Beyonce's version of the song:

Here are some great promo pieces that have been created to celebrate the Beyonce/Wubbzy collaboration:

Here's one with a more up tempo version "Sing A Song" remixed by Maurice Joshua:

Wubbzy Songs At Live Stage Show in Sydney, Australia!

About a minute into the below clip, along with this excellent baby, you can see the stage where Wubbzy and some pals are dancing around to the Wubbzy song "Kooky." The show was a
Nickelodeon Australia production at the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show. The 20 minute show has played twice a day for two weeks since Easter. If anyone has anymore footage or photos we could post here, let us know. Could this be just the beginning of Wubbzy and the songs hittin' the road for some live touring around the globe? We shall see... and hear!

Currently on Australian TV, Wubbzy is broadcasting about 3 times a day Nick Jr. and 3 times a week on ABC2

Here's another clip of a live stage show in Germany starring Wubbzy!

"Come Play With Me" - Wubbzy Raps!

Mike Reagan, who is responsible for the incredible score music that we hear throughout ALL Wubbzy episodes, teamed up with Bob on words to create a genuine Wubbzy Hip Hop song "Come Play With Me"! That's Mike singing as well. The song will be included as a DVD extra with the "Wubb Idol" movie, which airs on TV April 27 - May 3 and should be out on DVD later this year as well. You can also see/hear it right here!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wubbzy Songs In Some Recent Television Commercials!

This first one uses "Love Is All Around" music from Season 1:

And this one uses the Wubbzy Theme:

We'll post more as we find them!