Monday, October 13, 2008

Wubbzy Song Lyricist Wins Emmy Award!!!

Bob Boyle, creator and executive producer of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and also the writer of the words to the Wubbzy songs, recently won his first Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Animation. Here's Bob (left) holding the trophy. Is it heavy? Is it warm? Does it glow in the dark? Can you hear a low hum if you put your ear to it? Only the winners shall know! Congratulations Bob!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Partial Wubbzy Songs CD Released With New Wubbzy DVD At Kmart, Costco & BJ's!!!

Hi Wubbzysongs Fans!!!

The new Wubbzy DVD "A Tale Of Tails" has been released featuring 8 episodes from Season 1 and loads of fun DVD extras.

For those who wish to purchase from Kmart, Costco or BJ's, a bonus audio CD is packaged with the DVD.The CD contains 8 songs:

-That's Kooky
-Life Is Filled With Treasure-Pet Party
-That's What Friends Are For
-You're A Star
-It's A Perfect Day
-You're The Coolest
- Imagine

On the DVD, along with the usual song videos at the end of each episode, the "EXTRAS" menu category includes 4 more song videos of:

- That's Kooky
- Look Don't Touch
- Pet Party
- Don't Lie

If you can get the DVD with bonus CD at one of those three outlets we hope you'll enjoy having a disc with a few of the songs.

We'll get back to you when there's a more formal CD/Downloads released so you can have more of the songs if you so desire.

The Wubbzy Song Crew