Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wubbzy Singer Sings In Public Pool!

In the latest episode of the Dreamworks' series, "Public Pool" by David Fremont, Royce, the character that Wubbzy singer b. Mossman voices for, has quite a bit of singing as he serenades his favorite action hero figurine, "Major Manta Ray Mondo!" After a few viewings, you'll be able to join in! Song by Jimbo Matison.  Here's the episode!  Enjoy!

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Royce episodes in Season 1:
Episode 1: "How To Do The Nosebomb"
Episode 7: "Secret Mystery River"
Episode 11: "Action Hero Sing-A-Long"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New "COME PLAY WITH ME" Piece For Sesame Street!!!

Are you lonely?  Let this new Sesame Street song by the Wubbzy Songwriters, Bob Boyle and b. Mossman help you out!  Wubbzy art director Frank Rocco designed and directed it.  Animated by Macaulay Whiting.  Enjoy it... With a pal!
More Sesame Street animated songs will be posted so stay tuned!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Songwriting For Kids Article for ASCAP by b. Mossman

b. Mossman, Oscar The Grouch, Carroll Spinney

Wubbzy singer/songwriter wrote an article on kid's tunes for the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).  A good portion of the article highlights Wubbzy and the songwriting process that goes on with show creator/lyricist, Bob Boyle.  Enjoy!

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Monday, September 08, 2014

A Song To ALL The Apples Out There...

Wubbzy singer b. Mossman sings one for all the apples in his life.... Enjoy while
eating, baking, juicing, etc....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wubbzy Singer/Songwriter Posts New Original Animation!!!

Wubbzy singer/songwriter, b. Mossman has posted the 3rd episode of his original "Mossbits!" 2D, animated shorts series.  This one features a mouthful from a little guy!

Luke SwanDevon Harris beautifully animated Mossman's drawings.

Be sure to check out the other original "Mossbits!" animations here on his website.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Wubbzysongs Singer Is A Character Voice on DreamWorksTV's "Public Pool" cartoon!

Wubbzysongs' singer, b. Mossman is now the voice of  "Royce" on DreamworksTV's  animated series, "Public Pool," created and directed by David Fremont.  Be sure to follow each episode so you can keep up to date with all the twerps, wimps, hunks and babes hanging out at the PUBLIC POOL!

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"Royce" episodes in Season 1:
Episode 1: "How To Do The Nosebomb"
Episode 7: "Secret Mystery River"

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

New Song For "Rosie & Rex" Promo Clip!

A new song, "Life Is Good," by the Wubbzy songwriters!  This one is for this promo clip
for Wubbzy creator and song lyricist Bob Boyle's new kid's book "Rosie & Rex: A Nose For Fun!"
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New "WATER" Piece for Sesame Street!!!

Do you like WATER? You do? Great! Well then, here's another Sesame Street song by the Wubbzy Songwriters about H2O-YEAH!  Enjoy it dry or better yet, wet!

More Sesame Street animated songs will be posted so stay tuned!
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Friday, January 24, 2014

New Kid's Book From Wubbzy Creator (And Wubbzysongs Lyricist!!!) Bob Boyle!!!

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! creator and Wubbzysong lyricist Bob Boyle is about to release his second kid's book, "Rosie & Rex: A Nose For Fun!" on Harper Collins Children's and it is a great read for young AND old!

Aside from being a great story of how friendship overcomes differences, we are treated again to Bob's amazing characters, colors and design.  Whether moving on screen or gracing the page of an old time, paper book... Bob's visual style and storytelling abilities always are able to transport us into a sweet spot.  "Rosie & Rex" is no exception.

This new release follows his first hit book, "Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String" on Random House Books For Young Readers.  Be sure to pick up a copy of both books today and stay tuned for MORE!

Purchase "Rosie & Rex: A Nose for Fun!"
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Purchase "Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String:"