Monday, October 06, 2008

Partial Wubbzy Songs CD Released With New Wubbzy DVD At Kmart, Costco & BJ's!!!

Hi Wubbzysongs Fans!!!

The new Wubbzy DVD "A Tale Of Tails" has been released featuring 8 episodes from Season 1 and loads of fun DVD extras.

For those who wish to purchase from Kmart, Costco or BJ's, a bonus audio CD is packaged with the DVD.The CD contains 8 songs:

-That's Kooky
-Life Is Filled With Treasure-Pet Party
-That's What Friends Are For
-You're A Star
-It's A Perfect Day
-You're The Coolest
- Imagine

On the DVD, along with the usual song videos at the end of each episode, the "EXTRAS" menu category includes 4 more song videos of:

- That's Kooky
- Look Don't Touch
- Pet Party
- Don't Lie

If you can get the DVD with bonus CD at one of those three outlets we hope you'll enjoy having a disc with a few of the songs.

We'll get back to you when there's a more formal CD/Downloads released so you can have more of the songs if you so desire.

The Wubbzy Song Crew


Unknown said...

please do get back to us when a full blown cd is available. i'll be first in line to buy it!

Unknown said...

Did I hear a bit of the Wubbzy theme song on an HGTV show?

Lisa said...

PLEASE!! Release that CD!!